Since 2019, C-C Pro has carried out numerous projects, programmes, real life and radio breakfast chats with the support of partners including governments and educational institutions to raise awareness on cyber security, safety and digital skills development.

Together we build

The Nigerian Teen Cyber Festival (ngTeenCyberFest) is a collaborative effort of C-C Pro, Qitech Technologies Limited, Baobab Media, nHub, Baobab Think Limited, Insttictwave, Reach PR, and Bionic Concept Limited.

The Nigerian Teen Cyber Festival – ngTeenCyberFest 2021

  1. Fest is a teen/adult meet on getting the positive best out of the internet
  2. Fest highlights policy gaps in addressing digital challenges as affecting young people
  3. Fest exposes inherent online dangers
  4. Fest shares live experiences on identifying and preventing cybercrimes
  5. Fest brings cyberworld, cybercrimes and cybersecurity through the point of view (POV) of young people to schools, governments and other stakeholders
  6. Come to ng TeenCyberFest 2021, let’s explore the power of educating, skill building online, and Internet business know-how
  7. Let’s enter the teen world, know ‘What’s Up’ and build defence line through closer association h.. Fest is focusing on raising awareness on international and national efforts at protecting young people online including Nigeria’s National Child Online Protection Policy; Child Online Protection Initiatives by the United Nations agencies, together with partners; ITU’s Child Online Protection Guidelines; and UNICEF’s Children’s Online Safety.

The Nigerian Teen Cyber Festival  – ng TeenCyberFest2023

The  Nigerian Teen Cyber Festival is a fiesta of Conference, Fire Chats on Opportunities & Challenges in Cyberspace; Nigeria’s first ever Xchange of Innovations & Idea targeting Young People, the largest individual users of the internet.

How and what do teenagers do online? Why do market operators innocuously target this market demography? When and how should government and other decision-making stakeholders engage this highly impressionable and innovative segment of the online population? The Nigerian Teen Cyber Fest will be addressing these and many more.

Join experts, stakeholders, more than 1500 secondary and higher education students to explore the 2023 main theme of ng TeenCyberFest.


  1. Cyber Awareness campaign
  2. Ng TeenCyberFest Conference (online and on-site)
  3. Teen Fire Side chat
  4. Cyber Talents Expo
  5. The Go-Tech & Innovation displays
  6. Drama, Dance, Poetry Trends and Culture in the age of Online