The Child Cyber Protection (C-C Pro) is an organisation promoting healthy interaction of young people and technology, will be holding the second Nigerian Teen Cyber Festival – a fiesta of conference and expo where young Nigerians are enlightened and exposed to knowledge required to be protected while online.

During the programme, the young participants are educated on series of issues all centered on protecting young people in the cyberspace. Issues of cybersecurity and privacy also come to the limelight during this programme, which seeks to also ignite innovations & exchange of ideas among young people; ultimately to foster a healthy online culture.

The Nigerian Teen Cyber Festival is a hybrid of onsite and virtual interactions; and will host more than 2,500 students from secondary and higher education centres of learning in the gathering of subject-matter experts and stakeholders to further anchor the management of young Nigerians in cyberspace.

THEME OF 2023 EDITION: ‘Cyber Safety, Promoting Young People & the Power of Innovation in a Digital Economy’.

DATE: September 28th

VENUE: Baze University (Main Auditorium), Abuja

Time: 8am . Virtual programme holds simultaneously.


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